Handy Excel Macros
(Microsoft Excel 2003)
Terms of use of Sum to target.xls

"The Author" = Mark van Zoest

"You" = the downloader of this file


You agree that no memory management is written in the Sum to Target.xls code.

You agree that the Sum to Target.xls code is not designed to do calculations involving big amounts of number of numbers.  

This is because as the number of numbers rises the calculations involved increase dramatically.

But you can do calculations involving bigger amounts of numbers of numbers if you want to.

(see this websites "Sum to Target" webpage if unsure what "number of numbers" means.)


You accept liability for any risk (if there is risk) if you compare big amounts of number of numbers. 

Sum to Target.xls  is distributed "AS IS" and you assume full responsibility for determining the suitability for your computer.


While the author has taken steps to make this Sum to Target.xls file easy to use and error free you agree that this

Sum to Target.xls file may not necessarily fulfil your purposes for whatever reason. 

Having said that, the author is happy with Sum to Target.xls.


The author will not be responsible for losses,damages,costs of any kind resulting from using or misusing Sum to Target.xls .

You agree that any legal dispute will be settled in a court of New Zealand.

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